Melting At the Keyboard

Melting at the keyboard

Sweaty fingers lose their

Place on “home row”

Patience evaporates as

I type gibberish…

Unendurable, or so it seems

Intemperate temps

July, my love for summer

Is conflicted, far from easy

I’m struck anew each time

I look up to sky’s endless

Perfect blue, a glory


Gift of favor from God’s

Constant hand, His

Heart’s cornucopia

But too-bright happy sun

(Relentless, just doing its job

Oblivious as chatter-box child)

Pierces eyes accustomed to

Overcast horizon…

Craving, yearning, praying for

Breeze…cool caring breezes that

Tickle green leaves, tease trees

Till they, helpless to resist, dance

Regardless of heat I hold these months

—Late spring through autumn—

As treasures; try to fill my

Gaze, nose, skin, to the brim

Saturate soul so it won’t be bereft

Once the rains again begin.

©B D Royale/Winddog Whispers, 2018. All rights reserved.


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2 thoughts on “Melting At the Keyboard

  1. OH so good! I really liked you comparing the sun to an oblivious chatter box child! And how you continue to see God’s favor even though the heat is relentless!


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